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Collecting of the model engines is my hobby for more than twenty years.
During this time I hade many thousads of the diferent kinds and mark model engines in my hands.

Till today I have suceeded to collect hunderts of the motors which are conferming the technical development in the Czech Republic and in abroad.

For the time being in my collection are about one thousand of the complete engines mainly Czech origin preferably in excelent condition. Big part of this collection  is from Poland, Russian, and German Democratic republic and another european country.

Due to the fact that I have long terms experiens in collecting of this engines I have decided to realise  my big dream and in this year I have isshuet my book covering history and development of the production model engines from Czech Republic.

This book Czech model enginers were already several times mentioned in Czech and forein technical magazines and the comments of the specialists and collectors are very positive and giving me more energy for my coming collecting activity.

Sbírání modelů

Next of my hobby is collecting of speed model from 60. and 70 years.

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