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Ignition Coil Price: 55,00 €
Year: 2015
Coil for spark igninion engines.
Brown Junior .60 Model D Price: 148,00 €
Year: 1942
Manufacturer: USA
size: 10
Sleva Doporučujeme The very nice engine in EXC state. Please check photos for small defect.
Ohlsson .60 Price: 140,00 €
Year: 1948
Manufacturer: USA
size: 10
Sleva The engine in EXC state.
Rocket Victor .45 Price: 146,00 €
Year: 1945
Manufacturer: USA
size: 7,4
Novinka The very nice engine with strong compresion. LN state.
OK .29 model B Price: 140,00 €
Year: 1940
Manufacturer: USA
size: 4,7
Sleva The engine inLN state with strong compression.
Ohlsson Rice .60 Price: 138,00 €
Year: 1945
Manufacturer: USA
size: 10
Novinka Nice engine with strong compresion. EXC+ state.

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